Exciting things are in store for 2016…but I can only share a couple of them with you right now. I’m pacing myself…

The first is that I booked a project at the end of last year with Betty Mae Casting. I’d been dying to get into that casting office for years, so when Lindsay Graham called me in for the audition it felt like the heavens parting. And when I booked it…well, that was the ultimate coup! I can’t wait until it’s out and I can share it with you. I’ve included a fun photo of me in my dressing room. Half done hair and makeup courtesy of award-winning makeup artist Myke Michaels!

The second is that I’ve been selected to participate in Women in Film’s Mentoring Program, a year-long program that connects WIF members with established professionals who can offer advice and guidance. Mentees get the opportunity to gain a deeper understanding of the entertainment industry’s business practices and culture, focus their efforts, and hone skills. A big thank you to my friends (and mentors) Nat Bernstein, Tom Adelman, and Roger Wolfson for writing such thoughtful and inspiring letters of rec. 💜

As always, thanks for your support. I hope this year is bringing you joy and success thus far and that our paths cross soon!

Lots of love,

Leo the Temp Women in Film Holiday Party